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Massacration Lyrics

From the Album Good Blood Headbanguers (2009) (buy at
Good Blood Headbanguers
Hammercage Hotdog Hell
The Mummy
Sufocators Of Metal
The Bull
The Fire, The Steel, The Heavy & The Money
The Big Heavy Metal
Bad Defecation (The Bost Thunder)
Good Blood Headbangers
The Hymn Of Metal Land

From the Album Gates Of Metal Fried Chicken Of Death (2005) (buy at
Gates Of Metal Fried Chicken Of Death
Metal Is The Law
Evil Papagali
Metal Massacre Attack (Aruê Aruô)
Feel The Fire... From Barbecue
Metal Milkshake
The God Master
Cereal Metal
Metal Dental Destruction
Let's Ride To Metal Land (The Passage Is R$ 1,00)
Metal Glu-Glu
Away Doom
Metal Bucetation


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