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That Girl Lyrics
Mario Yea! Listen!
Yup I'm talkin' bout a project chick
She was thick
Caught her walkin home from her college and...
She started smilin'
The sun on my medallion and...
Got up the nerve
Pulled my whip up to the curb
Dashed out opened up my two way quick (Yeah Yeah)
Said let me get your contacts baby
And maybe later on I can swing through
And meet your peoples
I wanna get to know you betta babe

When she comes around I'm at a lost for words
Lovin how the body wraps around her curves
So rediculous how much I think of her (Her)

Sweet like a peach from heaven she do it
That Girl
I been shot by cupid
Sunk in her juices
I'm in love with
That Girl, that girl
When she passes by I loose my composure
That Girl
I wish I was older
And I would have told her
And gotten closer to (That Girl, that Girl)

I'm thinkin she's the one that could change things (Yeah, Yeah)
Keep me from hangin out with the fellas cause
When she comes around with someone else it makes me jealous I
Don't know what it is bout this girl
But my whole world changed when I saw her face
I start thinkin bout a house and a joined bank account
Put a million in it we can spend it to the limit
Cause I just wanna make you my love
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