Bye, Bye Lyrics by Maria Mena

Maria Mena Lyrics

Bye, Bye Lyrics
I couldn't change him if I tried
I couldn't be his doll even if I wanted to
'cause I'm me not you..

I couldn't be a little girl
I couldn't walk around like I had no clue
'cause I'm me not you..

Look where you've got me this time
I'm up against the wall like I commited a crime
Take care, I hope never to see you here,
bye, bye, I promise not to cry, bye, bye..

I couldn't lead them on like mice
i couldn't fool them all, that's not something I do
'cause I'm me not you..

I couldn't hide my purple eyes
I couldn't swallow them and not even chew
'cause I'm me not you..

Your disguise is not fooling me
your embrace is not comfoting
and I can't follow you around
'cause I see your evil ways
and it kills your innocence
But I still followed you around...

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