Damn Pajamas Lyrics by Mane Horse

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Damn Pajamas Lyrics
What holds you back these days?
Is it nasty shades of grey
or Friday nights, alone afraid?
Looking back it seems that seasons
weren't the only things that changed,
reset your heart, I stayed the same.
In memories, our better f*cking days,
just give me that it keeps me sane.
On canvas we paint picture, a brush a stroke, the best of us.
Letters she wrote on broken trust.
A lie, she cries the worst of us.
She's finding comfort in the distance,
and I'll keep on with my persistence.
I've been thinking, "What if I'm just dreaming?"
Your favorite story I'll recite
Torn from the pages of my spine.
On the other line she's calling a thousand times
Too scared at night, give me back my pride,
I've wasted a thousand times.
Too scared at night.

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