Letra de Life At Risk de Icp

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Letra de Life At Risk
Violent J

Waking up to a lil baby cryin
Momma's yellin cuz
pop's got his fists flying
its nine in the morning
and he's drunk
one day i feel that im gonna shoot that punk
my bitch laying next to me in the bed
i honesly dont give a f*ck if the hoe is dead

the only honor in my life
is my rag
with honor zip me up in a body bag
grab my brothas up and load a 44
take the money back
and head to tha store
my neighbor, your life is a dare
cuz those factories pumping out black air
and im breathing this shit everyday
living crazy cause im dieing anyway

i see this tramp hanging under the bridge
i tell her go home
and watch your kids
you listen to them cry and sob
take your sorry ass and find a mothaf*ckin job

see my homies hangin at the liquor store
40s and they cash
dice rollin on tha floor
they say my friends will never be any good
but the president wouldnt be shit
if he was raised in my neighborhood

my friends say the same old shit
the southwest side have a hit on me
i guess everyone seen it
when i slammed johnny's head into the cement
it started all this crazy shit
and now we never set out without a loaded clip

and were headed up to the dunk rim
little boyz on the court
so we punked them out
and im thinkin of my brother
when he was pushed off the court
he wanted to kill them f*ckers
now im standing in the bad guy's shoes
payin my dues

and i dont have no where to be
just another street hood in the innercity
and a man is gonna ask for some change
give him a dollar
so he can go and fry his brains
FUCK NO and i push him out tha way
cuz that sad mothaf*cker got shit to say

my homie was known for the mackin
now they got him doin 10 on car jackin
and im thinkin that im next to go
what the f*ck
im already livin death row
so many out there want me dead
everybody wants to put a bullet in my head
but i dont give a f*ck if i die today
everyone alive is gonna die anyway

wat the f*ck is life about?
come home late and daddy blow your mouth out
thats in the past now
i aint soft
daddy hits me today
and ima blow his f*ckin head off
for now the bullets close
but Miss...miss..miss..miss
im livin my life at a risk

Shaggy 2 Dope

You know J man your right
too many motherf*ckers out there are fake
people need to understand
that if you get hit enough times
then you start hittin back
all we are are pawns on the game board
and if this is the way everybody's playin it
so be it motherf*ckers
count us in
but the ICP is playin for keeps

Mackin is a game
and everybody is playin
are u the one gettin played
like a sucker? (x4)

Violent J
I think I liked it better when I was a kid

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