Drizzy's Law Lyrics by Lupe Fiasco

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Drizzy's Law Lyrics

[Chorus - SimonSayz:]
I just wanna be here alone, alone
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you
Tell me, how do you feel?
I just wanna be here alone, alone
With you, with you, with you, with you, with you
Tell me, how do you feel?

[Verse 1:]
I don't wanna be here by myself
But I'm just like you, and you don't wanna be by yourself
Wanna put my name on it, but don't wanna end the friendship
Cause that's a declaration, of independence
Would you lie for it? Would you die for it?
Put fireworks all inside of that sky for it
Would you wait for me, then get away from me
Wait til I come outside, hop inside the ride and floor it
Tell her, she'll be safe with me
To the tellers in the safe with me
When the shooting starts, don't go with them
You should stay with me
Cause in the race of hearts, that's the place to be
Cause the finish line is exactly where you start
So I'll run around this whole bitch, just to end up where you are
Now that's real shit, treadmill shit
I'm Treadstone but I feel shit
That's Bourne knowledge, yes you are, you just gonna have to believe
That we 'bout to go to work so these niggas gonna have to leave


[Verse 2:]
Now you all business, started up yourself small business
And we all in this, no half stepping, we high heel
All inches, high yield, small interest, hell yeah
That's a loan and we owe some
But we pay the bank out the same sack we just stole from
That's real, that's steal
Like four to two, I look forward to you, lookin down on the field
And you look 4'2, look forward boo, don't look down at your heels
Don't matter what's at stake, just let it burn, don't en look down at your grill
Either way we gon ball, look around at your wheels
Even the baby gon ball, look around at your wheels
This ain't my shit, this our shit
Look around what you build and that's great and shape
And you should look inside how you feel
You look inside before you chill, you look inside for that feel
Or just look inside how I look inside you, I look inside like I kill
And you just gon have to be
And babe I'm bout to go to work so these niggas gon have to leave


[Verse 3:]
She don't want no soft nigga, she just don't want no false nigga
Daddy can be a gangsta, just can't be no lost nigga
If you a senior, be a senior
Don't be running around like some fraught niggas
Snapback is great, but you about to graduate
Take your hat off nigga
Tiger did cause tiger could
But if Tiger couldn't then Tiger wouldn't
That's a billion dollars off golf nigga
See my fast money and my cash money take a lost with her
And let's move slow and make a million dollars off cough syrup


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