Falling Lyrics by The Lumineers

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Falling Lyrics
[Wesley Keith Schultz:]
I love you
And everything about you
Won't you stay away
So I can get my work done in the day, Okay
And maybe in the meantime,
You and me will be fine

[Neyla Pekarek:]
If you just relax
And check your eyes for cataracts
Its plain to see
That I was meant for you and you were meant for me
Darling hold me tightly,
I think you and me we might be
Falling, Falling, Falling, I'm falling

In love

[Wesley Keith Schultz:]
Drama queen,
Like when you see a fire
You grab the gasoline
Now honey please calm down,
Yes don't make a scene
They're asking us to leave now,
I'm calling the police now

[Neyla Pekarek:]
Yes he's a manly man
Cause you're defending me just like a punching bag
But I can take a punch
If you can take a jab

[Wesley Keith Schultz:]
You catch me when I fall

[Neyla Pekarek:]
And dress your wounds with alcohol

I'm falling, falling, falling, I'm falling

In love

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