Warning (Intro) Lyrics by Ludacris

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Warning (Intro) Lyrics
Warning This Album Contains Ludacris Material
Parental Discretion Is Advised
So Kids Cover Your Ears And Close Your Eyes
Otherwise Your About To Witness History
The Thoughts And Views Expressed On This Albums
Are A Direct Reflection Of The New Generation
So Without Further Ado
I Bring To You Dat Nigga Named Luda

I Be Dat Nigga Named Luda
Give A Round Of Applause
They Say Im Up To No Good
I Say Im Down For Da Cause
Down For Whatever Goes Down
Im Strapped Down To My Draws
So If You Up For Some Stitches
Then Im Down For Some Scars
Down To Make Them Get Down
Stop Playing And Pause
Theres 2 Things I Never Break
And Thats My Word And My Balls
So Heres A Temporary Fix
For Your Permanent Flaw
This Album Helps You To Release
Cause Life Is Urking Us All
Enough To Make To Make You Wanna Break Sh*T
No Longer Will I Take Sh*T
From Any Of These Clowns
Cause Im Tired Of This Fake Sh*T
Im Ready For Some Action, Ready Wit A Passion
Like Pots Wit A Steam Im Ready To Get It Cracking
Its 6 Years And Countin If You Think Im A Joke
Me Gettin Served Is Like Bill Gates And Oprah Going Broke
Its About Time They Gave It To Me Im The Raining Champ
Your Favorite Rapper When To Ludacris's Training Camp (Biatch!!!)
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