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Get Off Me Lyrics
[Ludacris & Pastor Troy:]
What (what), what (what), what (what), what (what)
I (I), I (I), I (I), I (I)
[Pastor Troy:]
OK, come on, what
[Ludacris & Pastor Troy:]
What (what), what (what), what (what), what (what)
Oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oh), oh (oohhhh)

[Chorus x2: Ludacris]
Get off me, but I'm on you all day
Get off me, I don't think you wanna play

You wanna rush me, you can't touch me, trust me
Cause you weigh too dusty, and rusty, and musty
[Pastor Troy:]
You betta shop that make you pop up from lock up
But you tell your folks to hold you're jack up to back up (to back up)
I'm ready, so sit down or go ta' your room
[Pastor Troy:]
It ain't nothinnnnn
A a watch out watch out, boom
Call me the hit man, 'cause I make you wanna call time-out
Then I make your mom cry-out, when I take your whole spine out
Then watch me take ya, and fake ya, and shake ya, and break ya
And see you on hoooome to your maker
[Pastor Troy:]
You should give up now for talkin shit like that
But then you nothing, you garbage you betta' watch ya' back


[Pastor Troy:] (OK, OK now)
[Ludacris:] I'm in that 2000 excursion
[Pastor Troy:] Ridin on 22's, I hear da boom
[Ludacris:] But booms just get more crunk
[Pastor Troy:] It's the DSGB forever
[Ludacris:] Ridin on pump
[Pastor Troy:]
I stunk, or did I say stunk, I meant stank (UN huh)
I think I'll take it please, or in another coffee break
You ain't, but you can pretend to be homey
I'm stiff arming these busters just as soon they get on me

[Chorus x2]
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