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Lucy Lawless Lyrics

Down On Your Knees Lyrics

I like sweet things
Lollipops and diamond rings
Pearl drops, hot rocks
River stones
Youíre into my head
What you think youíre doing there
Thatís no place for young things to be
But as long as youíre there
Just so long as you dare
Get down on your knees
Show me you love me
Get down on your knees
Show you care
Get down on your knees
Prove that youíre worthy
Get down on your knees
Youíve nothing to fear

You got potential
Lead in your pencil
These are a few of my favorite things
Youíre a bitch, iím a slob
If you want you got the job
Pony up
Sign your name
Glory awaits
But as long as youíre there
Just as long as youíre near
I get down on my knees
Show you i want you
Get down on my knees
Prove i care
Down on my knees
Pray that iím worthy
Down on my knees
Make me fear

Misery loves company
Iíll make you a star youíll see

Down on my knees for you, baby
Down on my knees for your love
Iím down on my knees. . .

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