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Lobo Lyrics

Life Doesn't Get Any Sweeter Than This Lyrics

(Kent LaVoie)

When days come along and
Everything goes wrong
I lie awake at night and think
About things in my life
If I hadn't said some of the
Things that I said
If you hadn't done some of the
Things that you've done
Could it have been better than
It is now
When you move in your sleep
And pull on the sheet
And mover up next to me baby,
That's all that I need to know

Life doesn't get any sweeter
Than this
Love is the word at the top of
Our list
We can climb every mountain
And wish every wish
But baby life doesn't get any
Sweeter than this

What do you have if you have
It alone
What good is a house if it's not
A home
How can you share when
There's nobody there
How can you care when
There's no one to care about

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