New Car Lyrics by Lloyd Banks

Lloyd Banks Lyrics

New Car Lyrics
2G's Up! ("Hevehitta! ")
Clue whattup? ("Unexpected")

I got MTV Cribs! - And MTV whips! (yeah!)
Now watch me work my way on the MTV list (ugh!)
Mainstream pop quizz got the MVP piss
Smoke it away! - Products switch every 3 zips.
And my bitch! - Prada fits hella mean hips
Who me? (me?) - Gucci boy! Red and green strips! (yeah!)
You dabble with the 5 - but never sink the 6
I stand out - like I'm 7 feet tall on sticks. (whoo! whoo!)
No seeds in my Weed! - Cause I ain't the one growing it
I don't feel like I'm holding, if I ain't the one holding it. (yeah!)
And I am cool as you can be (be!) - tully in the Vs
Well as the club! - Bougie broad booty on my knee! (knee!)
And I'm on point! - They tryna sneak, screw me and I seef (hey!)
In my 1000 dollar loafs, I make 'em move before I leave. (I leave!)
I'm a worker! - If I ain't home I'm usually overseas
Getting used in the jacuzzi, me, Ruby and Patrice! (whoo! whoo!)
I'm a beast! - These pussy niggaz hatin' but I'm still here (still here!)
F*ck 'em! - I'll feel the same way when I'm in my wheelchair. (wheelchair!)
I'm in tha game full of chumps and it feels rare (feels rare!)
5 years done went by - and niggaz still scared. (still scared!)
I make the bill lair - you better chill startin' (startin'!)
I'll put your ass on that double XL milk carton! (carton!)
Reach chump, I got the keday that Y
Hit a ritter tat' guy and his midget Mack size. (come on!)
Keep my mind on my business and my digits pass five
Leave no evidence to witness, now witness the bad guy. (bad guy!)
I show out and bring the bow out (yeah?) - Hennessy and Dro out (yeah?)
The yachts float out! - The Coups roll out! (whooooooooooooooohhhhhhh!)
No doubt! - This is pitiful, digitial and political (uh!)
Ain't nothing original (uh!) when lil' niggaz get at you. (uh!)
Now I'm a get back at 'em just on principal!
Bruce Banner with the Hammer, I'm invincible! (ugh!)
You niggaz out there dreaming and need a pitch or two
Even if you was on the team, we be BENCHING YOU! (BENCHING YOU!) (haha!)
News flash - they don't mention you!
Non violent niggaz intentional! (intentional!) - Miserable!

It's the PLK baby!
None of these niggaz touchin' me!
I'm a brand new car!
Marcelargo or somethin...
You run right by you nigga... get your oil changed!

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