The Adams Administration Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin-Manuel Miranda Lyrics

The Adams Administration Lyrics
How does Hamilton the short-tempered
Protean creator of the Coast Guard
Founder of the New York Post
Ardently abuse his cab'net post
Destroy his reputation?
Welcome, folks, to

The Adams administration!

Jefferson's the runner-up, which makes him the Vice President

Washington can't help you now, no more mister nice President

Adams fires Hamilton
Privately calls him "creole bastard" in his taunts

Say what?!

Hamilton publishes his response

Sit down, John, you fat mother[*bleep*]

Hamilton is out of control

This is great!
He's out of power
He holds no office
And he just destroyed President John Adams, the only other significant member of his party

Hamilton's a host unto himself
As long as he can hold a pen, he's a threat
Let's let him know what we know

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