Nobody Like You Lyrics by Limp Bizkit

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Nobody Like You Lyrics
I'm convinced that you hate me
You like to see me cry
Its already a proven fact
And you wait and wait on me to die
Its all scary
I find it hard to confide
I will make you see it my way
You give
I take
You say
You want to be away from me

You break me
I've got a reason and I won't let go
You take me down I've got a reason and I want to know
I'm convinced that you f*cked me real good
You did (you did)
But I wont let her go
I've got my reasons
And I'm not leavin
So I'll wait on you to die
Please take this time for me to be unforgiven
I give my life to you
I lay my life on the line for you


I got no reason
I got no reason
I got no reason
I got no reason


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