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Maria Lyrics
It's the new millennium man (yeah)
We don't call it Mary Jane no more baby (no more Mary Jane)
We call it Maria (Maria that's that fire fire fire)
It's that fire (It's the fire)
Y'all know what time it is, y'all know it

[Chorus: x4]
Hurry up and pass it [x4]

[Verse 1:]
I'm a good kush locator call me the blood hound
Best believe if it's around I'm gonna f*ckin' sniff it out
I'm callin' her, callin' her and she ain't pickin' up the phone
I'm stockin' her, stockin' her hopin' that she's all alone
I've been in love with Miss Maria since I was in seventh grade
Thirteen years later can you believe all the music we've made
And yes she was my inspiration, motivation, and my push
The one true soul that molded me to be sharper then a stick or bush
So here it is I'll say it loud I love Maria and I'm proud
She's my grass he's my cloud the only thing that holds me down
The perfect drug for me cause she enhances everything I do
The only thing I hate is she ain't all mine y'all love her too

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2:]
Now I'm back on the prowl before I start lookin' 'round
I'm gonna hit the liquor store and get a cold pint of crown
And my truck hits the town and I paint the town white
Searchin' for my bitch and she'll be found tonight
Cause I got plenty of folks in plenty of places you know I ain't droppin' names
And f*ck the police I really don't want you havin' my connection mane
Cause if you'd have somethin' I'd have less and that don't sound to right to me
You can get the f*ck on and try to get home and just leave me with my night release
I love Maria at least for now I love the way the sinner smell
When you split her open it's hard to believe this bitch can come with jail
I wish I had her to myself hurry up and pass it
I'm addicted to her and ya know I always gotta have it

[Chorus x4]
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