Get High Lyrics by Lil Wyte

Lil Wyte Lyrics

Get High Lyrics
[Chorus: x4]
Break it down (Break it down) Roll it up (Roll it up)
Light It Up (Light It Up) Get High Get High Get High

[Verse 1:]
Im smoking on some killa kill yep yep im high
Gotta do it everyday (WHY) that’s my life style
Grape cigarillo filled up wit good dro
Grind it down properly tell me whut you here for
Come around tha way better be prepared to chief we twist em bout tha f*ckin oz
I be totin till 6 o clock in tha morning as long as noone comes and stops me
Im Lil Wyte Tha almighty good weed conisuers hydro gon never come to ya cheek
If im in the Memphis city streets im get tha best trees all tha smack smokers can brethe it and weap
I lay back in tha cut smoking on a big blunt waitin on tha call to get more chronic
This shit one hit will sit ya down have ya choking all night ready to vomit
Skinny bags amd them sacks in them house mayne will leave a pothead like me spinnin insane
Mounts of cash one these bags of this purple kush jack frost and blueberry hurricane
I have something right here that will knock ya dick in tha dirt and im bout to pull it up out my pocket
Take it slow don’t hit it to hard cuz this is liable to pull ya neck right up outs its socket

[Chorus x4]

[Verse 2:]
Ima California do do marijuana inspecter always in slo mo like I been screwed
Keep me on tha low low like a private eye wen its time to get high ill make tha call ta you
I be keeping some good shit all of tha good shit gimme tha name and ill find it and blow it
If I cant locate it in a week we’ll get tha seed and f*ckin grow it
Aint no thang to me pimpin its just weed and really it all depends on tha consumer
How many times have you heard it causing a heart attack or givin someone a tumor
None I said it notta 1 zero silche nada zero
Ill take a mutha f*ckin pound to tha head ima stoner call me tha ganja hero
Laugh at what you wanna laugh at mayne crash where ever you wanna crash at mayne
After you hit tha blunt take a puff of tha silivia it will put ya in tha trash can
I smoked almost everything I can inhale much sticky shit he gots forbidden fruit
I said Break it down Roll it up Light It Up and ill be tha judge of this jesus juice

[Chorus x4]
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