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Lil Wyte Lyrics

George Bush Lyrics

[Chorus: x2]
Some people call it dro some people call it Kush
If it's some mutherf*ckin killer I'm a call it George Bush
I'm a call it George Bush I'm a call it George Bush
If it's some mutherf*ckin killer I'm a call it George Bush

[Verse 1:]
Make way folks George Bush comin' through
This some mutherf*ckin killer so you know what it do
Put you on your ass make you wanna fall asleep and crash
Or have you sittin around all day laughin' at the trash
This that potent, dat sticky icky icky ew we
Betcha Jonesy with just a lil puff of my trees
Come and get it I try to keep it with me at all times
If you lookin' for a quarter that'll be $155
This ain't a mutherf*ckin train wreck more like a plane wreck
If you can't handle it you should take a rain check
Call it George Bush; it's some mutherf*ckin killer B
And to find it you ain't gotta go all the way to D.C.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2:]
Break it down roll it light it up take a puff
Slowly exhale cause if you don't it's gonna come out rough
I've been smoking since I was 12 but this shits kinda tough
All you really need is one hit but to me that's not enough
Tryin' to take it from the bong and end up coughin' up a lung
But see these pipes ain't for me so usually I stuff a blunt
You can find me in the white house sittin in the cut
Smokin' George Bush with purple syrup chillin' in my cup
This an everyday thang man I gotta stay slum
Smokin' tokin' jokin' chokin' till I get the job done
This ain't Bin Laden it's George Bush f*cker have some fun
Lookin for some killa kill I know I just found ya some

[Chorus x2]

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