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Thinking To Myself Lyrics
Young money, young, young, young, young money, young mula baby

And I can smell her looking at I
She recognize real I don't wear no disguise
And I can see it in her eyes
She f*cking me with her eyes
She f*cking me with her eyes
She f*cking me with her eyes
She f*cking me with her eyes, yeah.

[Lil Wayne:]
Gazing out the window of somethin foreign
Thinking to myself-self
How come getting money neva gets boring
How come getting money neva gets boring
Baby I got a stack now whatcha gon do for it
Can you bring it back like a muthaf*ckin chorus
Shawty I got a stack now whatcha gone do for it
Can you bring it back like a muthaf*ckin chorus
Girl I am hotter than poppa bears pourage
Baby can I put ma private parts in ya storage
I can treat ya flower like a muthaf*ckin florist
Shawty we can kick it like ma name Chuck Norris
Haha, yeah


[Kidd Kidd:]
Her chanel frames are like X-rays
She see us out the club and into the bed
She picture me in her head and her givin' head
Handcuffs and whips I'm a sex slave
No wraps on ma back, rah, whatcha name?
I yell kunta rah kunta kinte
With one foot off I still try to escape but who can I run to like escape
I guess I got some attention to pay
The girl blazin like a doughnut on a early sunday
And I could be the chocolate on top of her sundae
She lookin at me like a fat bitch infront of entree


[Mack Mane:]
You see she wreckless eye baller feelin a nigga swagga
If looks was f*ckin no telling how many kids we done had
Got me feelin like Missy, cause she all in my grill
And be face off the peel time to give her that whip a peel
Betcha I can get her home, 4 shots of patron
And then I know it's on tell my niggas look I'm gone
Ma you grown so don't worry bout your girls tryna criticize
One night with Mack & babygirl you'll be dick-notized
Fatten up your hips and thighs
Help that ass bout out
And on the next song tell her give ma dick a shout out
See she could be ma sockee
And I could be her plug
Or she could be ma fiend and I could be her drug
No disguise


[Nicki Minaj:]
All I do is ice grill em
Then he get hard again
He know my pussy stay warmer than a cardigan
Slippery, slimey, excuse me don't mind me
Say it's too fat for me to be this tiny
I'm sucha mainiac, lemme get some brainiac
You know that special head, like I'm in special ed
Got me givin you these nasty looks
Stick me up with the uh, that's the nasty jooks
Now, I get him? than a caveman
I deep deep I deep throat it till it cave in
Uh, you know you like that
Now putcha putcha ring on
Where ya wife at?
The Mistress

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