The Archetypal Rock Sound Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

The Archetypal Rock Sound Lyrics
This is the archetypal rock sound.
[Lil Wayne:]
This really ain't no rock shit but um.
Let go,

Holly Grove monster, New Orleanes maniac
Shoot a nigga up until his whole body ain't attached.
Hi my name is best rapper alive
And your mouth is the best crapper alive,
Cause you talk shit, I get hit and walk it off
Like "f*ck that! "
Then I just spit like barkin' dogs
Call it bust back,
Had a 'tude like f*ck'em all!
And I'm greezy
And yo' boyfriend is a butter-ball
What's geezy,
I mean what's good? bitch you blind
Better check my watch, better be money all the time,
Sunny on the side where I stay at
Where M.I.A. at? I get pussy evry time I say dat!
In the game room I don't play that
Bitch nigga get layed down where he lay at!
A K at yo front door, youn'zo
You can ask brisko
Shoot till my wrist sore
Coop with the bitch low
Who put the slick (inaudible)
I'm tired of the south,
So in your mouth is where the dick go
They like when I say yea huh?
And your boyfriend is a tampon
And I don't own land baby, I own a landmine
So step on my land and catch a bomb like Ankwan
Weezy F and the F is for franchise
You lookin' at me it's like your looking through an ants eye.
Young Money can't die,
Bitch we like Hancock!

Yea I'm a Marsion, what you sayin Spock?
I turn your beef to a ham-hock
Then I put it in a pan-pot
Shoot till my hand hot
I can't hear you saying stop
I hear nina saying pop!
I hear choppers sayin' chop
I hear niggas screeming like I said holla at ya boy bitch,
But holla at ya boy bitch,
I'm the boy bitch, not your boy bitch
Cause I'm royal bitch!

Young Mola Crazy!

[Gutta Gutta:]
East side loco, you sweet like coco
You can get your ass beat fast like go-go!
Mask on my face, low pro, that's a no-show
Shoot a rapper when his album drop give him promo
You clown like Bozo
They ask about the hoop shit
I had to get the loot bitch
I had to go solo
Your bitch all on me
You better watch yo ho though
She wanna come kick it like a dojo
Slick nigga f*ck 'em then I drop them like a low-load
Bitch want money like meal, no dough-lo
Nigga if you hatin' suck a dick no homo
Boy I keep ya gutta like bo-bo
Yea I'm doin' what I do so nigga jus' do you
And my gun nick-named minague she do two
Nigga welcome to the young money ape zoo crew
We starvin' and you can get ate like (inaudible)
Boo-hoo cry motha-f*cka I'm heartless
I break bones and cartilage
You are just a mark mother f*cka I'm a marksmen
Head I'm all about the green like Boston
Parton me nigga I'm talkin' reckless
Walk into a gun-fight knife no vest
Bitch your crazy
Just like the ice ya wearin' ya fo-gaze
Put 'em in the dirt make 'em push a few daisies
80's baby
Soon to be rich nigga
King-Kong beatin' on my chest at you bitch niggas
Paper I'm after so I'm on yo ass now
Young Money motha f*ckin' cash-cow
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