Stupid (Remix) Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Stupid (Remix) Lyrics
Weezy in this b*tch, stupid chain on my neck
Come a lil closer smell the p*ssy on my breath
I gotta talk stupid I'm a Young Money Rufus
My n*ggas is retarded and my b*tches is the cutest
I'm a muthafuc*in' psychic, because I know you like it
I tend to see things like a muthafuc*in' titan
Got them stupid a** Nikes, them stupid a** hoodies
Stupid a** don't like it, why ya stupid a** lookin'
I gotta stupid Bugatti
And I can 1 wheel my stupid ducati
Haha, Stupid, Dumb, and Crazy
And this is just a stupid a** Remix Babyy!
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