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Smackdown Lyrics
Smackdown is like when you give it to her real good [x2]
She like this is so good what am I doin [x2]

Call me WWF
Weezy will f*ck you to death
Shhh... can't here me now
Got your panties to the ground
When your man is outta town
I'm a mother f*cker ain't I
Girl you know you can't like
That's why I got you walkin crooked like insane eye
And she say her boyfriend is like watchin paint dry
So I let her get on my dick and make her do the macarina
I make her touch her toes
I'm flyin this like crows
Right now I'm Lil Wayne but I'm a jangin on my clothes
And yes I eat pussy
As long as she dushy
And I put the smackdown and he could'nt

Holla that girl (smackdown)

When I call that ass just come thru but you don't wanna leave now do you? (smackdown)
From the coop the G how we flew when you love how young & rich do you (smackdown)
Your body & mind so confused but you don't wanna leave now do you? (smackdown)
Said there's room & you know that it's true but you don't wanna leave now do you? (smackdown)

I put the smackdown(smackdown)[x3]
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