Shine (Extended Remix) Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Shine (Extended Remix) Lyrics
[Mannie Fresh]
Wuuuun (Whaa-Whaa-Whaa-Whaa)
Check me out (Come on)
Cash Money Millionaires
Check me out

[Lil Wayne]
Baby named me Fire Wayne, with lots of change
You can catch me in an aqua range, squattin things
With them twenty-two inch chopper blades
Diamond face with tha diamond brace
Aye, more colors than the game Simon Says
Go lights out
And mami on forty-fifth she said she "Diked Out"
And she ain't like too much of stick, but got tha right mouth
So I took it anyway
But aye I'm a playa, don't need ya (ughh) anyway
OK, let's talk about this ice that I'm carryin
All these karats like I'm some kinda vegetarian
If they play, I bury them, y'all already knowin
I threw up my arm and really thought it started snowin
See I'm a keep it goin, Big Tymin, you heard's me?
Aye I got cake like everyday my birthday
Wait, I don't think they heard me
I say dog I got cake like everyday my birthday

[Hook: Mannie Fresh]
(Shine) - From my head down to my shoes
(Shine) - Skiiiiirtin on twenty-two's
(Shine) - Check my baby mamma
(Shine) - Whip Rovers, not Hondas
(Shine) - I'm a spend it 'til it's gone
(Shine) - Don't know when I'm comin home
(Shine) - Doin X and drank Cris'
(Shine) - My life is tha shhh...

[Mack 10]
I rock em all, brown rocks to baguettes
I bang and ball, like blood and crypt sets
On Lear Jets, I'm done and dirty and so flossy on tha scene
I'm ridin on dub dueces with TV screens
And my garge is full of rag tops and candy paints
(Baby: Tha new Bently out?)
If I don't got it, it ain't
Cause my grind is to shine, I'm as real as they come
And In case you didn't know, I'm tha man where I'm from
Ask em who rock ice on tha west (Baby: They say Mac)
Ask em who gotta scared wearin vests (Baby: They say Mac)
Ask em who got like thirty cars (Baby: They say Mac)
Ask em who got strip, scars, and bars (Baby: They say Mac)
Man I'm a whole lot richer since tha for life scence
Went countin myself, to a money machine
I'm a get till I can't, with tha U.P.T.
It's chicken hawk, Whoo-Bangin out tha Dub-S-C


Now introducin Mikkey, you could find me crusin tha city
Black X-5, with four dymes with me, Y'all feel me
Down with CMR, so you know my cash is long
Brains, I ain't even gotta ask it's on
Come on, tha ice is blue, the remey is red
Haters turn green, queens wanna give me some head
Still I'm quick to pop two in tha feds
Ya know I been hungry my whole life, so I'm due for some bread
Go head, name another click that could rap above us
A bunch of millionaires walkin with our gats in public
Cats love it, boosie broads deny it
They step to tha store to buy it, go home and bump it in private
And you know me, I'm low key
Nothin special, just a pinky ring, a Roley, a lil ice on tha bezel
And when I drive by, I can't help doin tha drive-by
Cause my rims be killin haters, every time I ride by


Look, I got shoes, boots, coops with missin roofs
Chris stackin, even when I'm in tha booth
Got charms and charms, you can call me tha bomb
And you can call me Deep Blow, cause tha smoke under my arm
Got Royces on vogues, countin banks rolls
Even y'all hoes is sendin me roses
I'm nasty and iced up, call me Nicisty
On a bike or in a truck, yeah what you like me
Shoes, bags call me Parda
Haters never mess with me, don't call me nuda (Ha-Ha)
I sip dun, call me Lady Don
Rock leather on my Harley, call me tha Bomb
Brought a new Coup, painted it baby blue
Got it new shoes sittin on twenty-two's

[Mannie Fresh]
Wuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun (wha-wha)
Ya Heardz, sittin on twenty-two's


I'm a stunna, a band new colorful hummer
A Benz, I could ride everyday of tha summer
Brought a Jag for my baby girl, surrounded right
With nothin but ice, new whip with Barda pipes
I could shine when I wanna, buy a ride when I wanna
Cook a brick, cut it up and sell dime if I wanna
Just scored a PT and I streched it quick
Big rims, six tires, candy paintin it slick
Put tha ice on tha shelf until you match my wrist
Golf ball earrings, thirty karats a lick
Got Brian in a mink, got Pearl in a mink
Carivan Excersen, twenty inches look deep
Catch me on tha lake with a flock of freaks
Me and Mannie tearin it down, cause we love tha streets
Gotta barbecue poppin, bouta cook up tha meat
Fa sho baby girl laced with ice and mink


I hold it down like and what
Brown and Tan stunnas
Platinum matchin wrists like I broke some handcuffs
Drivin a CL-6
Ridin with Bear's clique
Tha block done got hot, I'm slingin them raw bricks
We givin them haters trouble
They I was seachin rubber
Lil wodie steady bouncin in a brand new Bubble
Cop rocks like small mountains
Hit blocks with four ounces
You know you can't stop our watery, we got out own fountain

You can catch me in tha Di-ablo, on chrome with tha top missin
Tha ring, tha piece, tha chain, and tha watch glistenin
All in a drop Bentley on twenty-two inches
With no note, and I sure ain't rent this
Here come Lac and he stuntin, stuntin
Ridin up tha lake on Super Sunday
When I come through I'm tryna jump in somethin
Sound at fifty, and I'm bumpin, bumpin
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