Ride With The Mack Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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Ride With The Mack Lyrics
Yeah we are young moola (ha ha)
Eyes and ears
And we run this bitch

Roll with duck tape and ride with tha Mack (that right)
Roll with duck tape and ride with tha Mack (say Marley G)
Roll with duck tape and ride with tha Mack (Spitta)
Roll with duck tape and ride with tha Mack (look)

[Lil Wayne:]
Slide out the Ferrari I come to wet up the party
And baby I can shoot like Robert Horry or Corey Maggette
Ready for the impossible I'm colossal, fool
And ya'll niggas just molecules
Don't know how to build a house, but got a box a tools
I'm talkin bout that pop pop pat pat bang bang blocka boom
That is for tools
The coop I'm in say va va voom
Then it go puune nigga I'm gone I'll see you soon
On the moon
Put me in the dirt and watch me bloom
Put me in the jungle bet I'm comin back with all the food
Put me in the streets bet I'm comin back with money
Yea bitch nigga running
Yea bitch nigga running
Yea bitch nigga running
I'm heavily blunted me and my gun loaded
She riden with me till the motha f*cken road end
Yea and it be like that
I don't got papers on that glock
But I got papers on that mack


I ain't have a body on it
But don't nobody own it
So anybody can get it
If any body wants it
Homie I'm not yo homie
You f*ck around and end up wrapped up
In a trunk like a f*ckin mummy
Foney I'm far from foney I'm only about my money
And I keep enough of work to feed a thousand junkies
I stay strapped cus I keep a couple thousand on me
And I know these lil crownies is plottin' on me
But I ain't never scared
I ain't never runnin
I got my own back
I ain't never frontin
Man I'm forever thuggin I'm like a barra somethin
No heart I don't care for nothin
And no sir I ain't here for nothin
Man I'm tryn to bring it back like the records jumpin'
I got my system pumpin'
And I'm riden with the mack and the duck tape in case I gotta carry somethin

[Chorus x2]

[Mack Maine:]
I got the real the blood flowen through my pulmonary vein
I play the kitchen call me culinary maine
Ya'll niggas pitchen ya'll hustlen on the scary train
While we move everythang from heroiwaine to mary jane
But let me fall back I know the feds like rap
There's a echo in the head phones
That's how I know they mic tap
When you don't brush yo teeth
The only time ya'll touch plaqcue
While we got to many on the wall
Yea it's like that
I got chicks that like me that don't like rap
Ask yo girl who her fav rap she says she like mack
I tell a dark skin chick I'm allergic to chocolate
So if we eat and use the plan and you can keep on walkin
Hi yellow mamis I don't eat red meat
I'm busy killen tracks yea this here is a dead beat
No child support I pay with my heart I'll kill it
I'll prolly never be the best but one of the realest
Yea Mack Maine Bitch

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