Oh Let's Do It Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Oh Let's Do It Lyrics
[Lil Wayne:]
I got young money up,
And now I got my feet up,
Tune in this b.tch tell my n-ggas throw them B' up
Doing what the fck I want,
Hate me all the fck you want,
Real n-ggas fck with me and I don't give a fck who don't,
Lock the CEO up,
And I'm the CEO fck,
Prison in February and I ain't in no rush,
Drink till I throw up,
N-gga roll more blunts,
Ball so hard man I gotta go pro once,
Hit em with the shot gun,
Call that shit the stop button,
Call me doctor carter,
Aka young wild nigga,
Aka no trial nigga,
AK click clack blaw nigga,
Fcking with the kid and you'll be missing like Bilal n-gga,
Yeaaaaah, haha,
Swagger stupid,
Pack a Uzi,
Hundred clips nigga,
Dats a movie,
Aim at toupee,
You sweet as cool aid,
Creme brulee,
I'm sharp as blueray,
I fck her today,
Then she gotta skate,
Young lupe,
I hit the beat hard,
Bobby Boucher
I keep them tools on me,
Get the screwface,
Flowers for the dead,
Heres a bouquet,
LV's n-gga on every suitcase,
YM n-gga it's a new day,
We the champions nigga hooray
Yeah, hammer in the Louie duff,
Take a nigga b.tch she gave me brains until I knew enough,
Bullet come too fast to adjust,
I don't give a fck about my roof that much,
So put it in my trunk and then the coupe sped up,
Take the chopper out the trunk and just shoot that up,
I'm Weezy F and the F is for Flame,
Eat these rappers chef of the game,
Shit on the track, shit on the train,
Murder the beat, the beat was slain,
Rest in peace, that's a shame,
He kill anybody song,
Versatile as fck I switch it up,
Like Dennis Rodman's dome,
No homo you rock and roll,
Rest in peace my Styrofoam,
Now they won't know what I be on,
Get the fck off my dick my cock my balls,
Big money my pockets long,
New orleans I got my home,
And they got my back pause,
No homo, no maricone,
Smoking on that private grown,
He put me where I belong,
All about my cheese, chedder, mozzarella, provolone,
Fck her for an hour long,
Let her take a shower go,
Sorry baby but I'm in the 'I don't wan be bothered' zone,
Your a groupie,
Get on your dooday,
2 women give me head,
Call that two faced,
B.tch I'm too great,
Take your food tray,
I was born on doomsday,
Ain't no nigga like me,
What's up to my gang,
Big B's like a Breitling,
Take a nigga b.tch she ride my dck like she cycling,
Then she can't walk, run, jump like white men,
Uhh, fck you n-ggas wan do,
No ceilings let the bullets rain on you,
Weezy F the F is for Fck what you gon do,
Make you people mourn you,
Hehe, ok let's do it
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