Microphone Check Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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Microphone Check Lyrics
[Lil Wayne:]
Um... Microphone Check 12 Or Just 1, 2
I Am Me, Who Are? F*ck You,
And I'm One Too High, You Should Look Up To Me,
My French Girls Love It When We Smoke Da ooo-oui,
Umbella, France, I Do When Smoke Da Ooo-Beef,
I Do Me, She Feels Me Coming Like New Teeth,
I Got Paper Like Loose-Leaf,
Come Over Here And Maybe You Can Get A Few Sheets,
My Body's Unique Like The Sistine Chapel,
Yea, Fresh (Fresh), Sixth Screen Apple,
I Should Cut Myself To See If My Blood's Red,
Baby I Brainstorm, Call Me Flood Head,
Married To Tha Money,
And If She Leaves Me,
Bury Me Money,
And When You're Not Good Then Your Arrogance Is Funny,
And When You're Really Rich Then Asparagus Is Yummy,
Weezy F*cking Baby.
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