Mean Car Game Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Mean Car Game Lyrics
Uah I'm Up In It Like Dope Dick And I'm F*ckin Fine But My Flow Sick Yo Siemim
Da Sam To Hoster To Pictures Can't Be To Closer Yes Human Crack
Young Carter I Perform Better In Hot Water Yea And My Whip Game
Straight And A Bad Day I Can Turn A 2 In To A Eight And Wen I
Smile It Luk Like A Bag Of Coke I Gets High I'm Twisted Like A Bag Of Ropes
And I Cum From Da Jungle I'm Like Peter I Ride For My Animals Ya Dig Ha
Now Get Money Or Get Da F*ck So Much Ice I Need To Stick With Da Pluk
And If Da Work Ain't Big Enough I Can Whip It Up Watch Me Whip It Up
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