Madden '08 Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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Madden '08 Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I never talked to them boys that sat on them benches.
Man I was in the game on fourth and inches.
Coach put me in the game on fourth and inches.
And I'm a leave them boys at the line of scrimmage.
Yeah I see you boys all behind me windless.
I ain't mario williams but I'm not defenceless
Wide receiver catching Hail Marys I'm Christian.
Vibing out, hot route, yeah switch stick shift.
Gone with the quickness fast, and instant.
Cornerbacks, Safeties, I burn them like incense.
On the field I'm daddy and the ball is my infant.
I don't eat too much pork but I'm in love with the pigskin.
All I really know how to do is win.
Super bowl champ Disney world let the kids in.
Hall of Fame Wayne I'm putting my deals in.
Catch me in the game on fourth and inches.

[Verse 2:]
I am a New Orleans saint.
And to the Houston Texans Id like to say thanks.
Reggie Bush baby, Reggie Bush baby.
Drew Brees, Marques Colston, Sean Payton!
I'm relentless, I'm offensive.
I'm expensive, Like Tom Benson.
Super bowl it's going down it's our time boy.
We second lining on the fifty yard line boy.
Hey Quarterback I'm gonna bust through your line boy.
Your jersey says your last name, but you mine boy!
I'm so fast before I leave, I've been gone!
Okay you in the zone, I'm in the end zone.
Wheres your chin strap? Why isnt it on?
Cause if I hit you, you're going to have to strap your chin on.
See I'm a skull, in the goal line it's on!
Fourth and inches as the crowd chants this song.
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