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Look Out Lyrics
Tired of chasing after objects in the rear view,
Tired of praying when I don't know who I'm praying to,
Tired of hoping like a penny with a hole in it,
Tired of going when I got no one to go with it,
Tired of reaching like a crab in a f*cking nab,
And mutha f*cker it was f*ck it then, f*ck it now,
After... got the muth f*cking budget down,
So what the f*ck is your motherf*cking budget now,

They wanna kill me but death is too good for me,
Tired of taking when I'm taking what they took from me,
Tired of looking at the man in the mirror man,
Cause that motherf*cker gon make me wanna kill a man,

[Chorus: Shanell]
Doctor doctor why won't you answer,
Before it's too late,
Two check three check [? ],
Don't trust [? ] your weakness,
Someone lead the way,
Tryna make it home,
Tryna make it home,
Ohhh tryna make it home,
Tryna make it home,

[Lil Wayne:]
I know my greatest pain is in the future,
What do you wish for,
What are you wishing for,
It take too long for your wish to make it to the store,
The well run guy, the town runs by,
The spirits walk with me,
I am silents cry,
Pay the pastor, preachers profit from the prophesized,
But ain't no proof in your prophecy,


[Lil Wayne:]
And just the other day I met a man in a...
He was tryna get me to believe in world peace,
So I was tryna get him just to keep it real beef,
He said ok then he pulled out a gun and killed me,
The clouds, the buildings, the birds, the bees,
I wonder if we going...
I m thinking we deserve the truth at least,

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