Intro Lyrics by Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Lyrics

Intro Lyrics
[Lil Wayne: talking]
Ya betta. (Haha)
Young Money, Young Berg, Young Weezy, Brisco, let's go.

Bitch please you ain't never met a nigga like me,
Stop lyin bitch please, bitch please and ya nigga ain't nuttin like me
Stop lyin nigga please, nigga please, my goons got guns on deck
Put ya picture on tease
Now say cheese, and you can die or live off IV's

Now let me get that hand clap (Yeah)
Lemme get that hand clap
I'm rich and black
I'm young and strapped
You could get yo man clapped
You could get yo clan clapped
You could get saram wrapped
Like "Where the van at?
We come and wake you up, where you laying at?
We dump yo body all where yo fam at
Like f*ck that, like damn that
Sit cha pussy ass down if you can't stand that
I make yo shirt look like yo favorite color crayon ap
Going at these bitch niggas head like a stand back
Ain't shit good and bitch nigga stand back
I ain't from St. Louis but you could get RAM SHACKED
Look into my eyes hoe
Look into my eyes hoe
And yeah I do numbers except 5-0
And I be with my soul we call him Brisco
And youngin got the beat poppin like Crisco
And Weezy got this shit crackin like Nabisco
Brim low all I can see is my flow
What's up Chicago, what's up New Orleans
And if your strap squeeze
Tell em f*ck nigga pleasee
Nigga pleasee my goons got guns on deck
Nigga D-I-E or live off IV's
That's why I am what the fy me

[Lil Wayne: talking while beat is still going]
Stop playin
Bitch nigga you don't know what I got tucked in my pants
It go blam, it go bam
I'm sayin I'm saying, you playin
Put a Jacob in ya mouth boy and watch what the f*ck you sayin
Do you know who the f*ck I am?
Bitch I'm the man
Now let me get that hand clap
Yeah, that hand clap hand clap
I'm sayin it's Young Berg Weezy Brisco
Too damn hot, hot damn!
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