I Gets Busy Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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I Gets Busy Lyrics
Look Up Baby They Right Ma Name In The Sky Bitch
Don't Forget The Baby That's What I Tell The Pilot
Don't Forget The Liqour Store That's What I Tell The Driver
20 Dutch Mastas And Straight Level Vodka
I Could Pedal Backwards And Still Move Forwards
Look Unda The Mattress U Might Find 4 Of Em
I Could Go Through The Atlas Without Tourin
I Could F*ck An Actress And Neva Been In Movies
Yea I'm A Cutie An Offspring Of Mama's Beauty
I Did Ovatime
I Took Papa's Duty
I'm A Man In Every Sense I Got Sense
Since I Got Rich I Got Tints On Every Bent
Since I've No Tension Come Out Them Like Vents
I Bent And Show No Relent
Money Well Spent
I'm A Hellraiser Blazer L Right In Front Of The Laws I'm Tougha Than Ya
Neva Really Had A Pops So I Neva Had To Check In
But I Get Enough Checks
I F*ck Around And Check Him
Check Him Out Visa See Visa America Ain't Even Let Them Out
I'm Feelin Great I'm Steppin Out
Take Ten Out
Chest Is Out
And I Don't Leave Parapeligics, I Squeeze Em
Until I See His Spirit Rise In Ma Own Eyes Nigga
I'm On Mines Nigga
I Got This Like A Bitch Got Time Nigga
And I'm The Dimetype
And I'm Walkin In The Limelight Still Like Limes
They Talkin In Hines Sight I'm Like Nah
I Pull Up On Ya Shorty Like Sqrrr
Tryna Hop Up In This Maybach I Walk Way Back Girl
Come Out On That Gal Asap Girl
Whisper In Her Ear This Wayne's Pussy Say It Back Girl
Now She In The Whip With Homes
He Listenin To The Say Song I F*cked Her Own
I'm Laid Back I'm Comfortable Weezy Baby Boy Lazy Boy
I Did Ma Service In The Navy Now I'm Jus A Veteran
They Forever Pay Me, Dig Me Like A Shovel
Mama I'm A Rebel
I'm Come From Unda That Rock And Turn It To A Pebble
Baby I'm Trouble So Turn Up The Trouble
You Say It Clever, I Call It Whateva
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