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Hey America Lyrics
I Remember Da Way
We Would Both Say
We Be Together
Forever And A Day
Well I Guess Dat Day
Came Sooner Den Late
Cus Now
We're Apart And Away
And It Feels So Stray
N.G.E. Wouldn't You Say
I Use To
Call U Bay
And U Use To Obey
And I Just Wish We Could

"Do It Again" [x3]
Yea [x2]

I Got My Business Together
Wish I Could Get Together
But Timing Is An Error
And I
Tell A Lie
To You Like Never
If I Was Even Ever
Given Another Chance To

"Do It Again"

Like I Died
And Gone To Heaven
Climbed Inside A Treasure
Died Inside Of Pleasure Like
Your Smile Is But Of Essence
Your Child Is So Precious
I Wish
It Was Paternally Mine
But Karma Is A Message
But I'm a Try To Test It
And Scream For A Blessing
So Loud
And I Hope That You Would Catch It
And One Day You Would Come Fallin
Out Of The Most Highest Cloud
Then I'll Be There To Catch You
I'll Be There To Let You
Do Da Things
We Didn't Do Before
Next Time We Have To Stretch It
Do It Never Forget It
I Never Forgot
I Wish Dat We Could

"Do It Again" [x3]

I'm Just Trynna Talk To You
If I Could Talk To You
Den I Would Talk
Forever And A Day
Yes I Remember
So Vividly
How We Would Be
When We Lay
And My Thin Blue Skies
Were No Longer Gray
She So Brightened Up My Day
Put It On A Scripture
She Would Be A Picture
If Perfect Had A Face
I Promise You Homie
Dat U Would Be Hungry Like Me
If You Had A Taste
I Put It On My Momma
Cus Baby Girl Is A Flower
A Flower Without A Vase
No Water Needed At All
She Continues To Grow
More Beautiful Everyday
And I Love Her Somethin Vicious
And I was Just Wishin
We Could

"Do It Again" [x3]
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