Get It On Wit Yall Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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Get It On Wit Yall Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
I'm The Truth,
Why Would I Lie?
I Walk Around This Bitch
Like A Pilot
I'm Fly (I'm Fly)
Hello & Bye Bye
I Leave Ya'll Ass
In The Past Like Tie-Dye
Three Blunts and A My Tie
And I'm So Well Connected Like Wi-Fi
Me Real Dread
Them They Si-Vi
And I Murder Bill Nye
The Science Guy
Do What I Do & I Do It Well
I'm a O.G. Bitch
Can't Chu Spell?
F*ck Wrong With Ya'll?
I Ain't Marvin Gaye,
But I Can Get It On With Ya'll

[Verse 2:]
Microphone C-H-ecker
No Liquor
Just Painkillers & Prometha
Young Eckerds
Jumpin The Gas
Like Checkers
You Can't Check Us
Or We All In Ya Face Like Freckles
Trunk Speckle
Big Shark Talk
I Swim Winning Wherever
I Walk With A Fork In My Pocket
Salt And Pepper
Feed Me Rappers Or Feed Me Beats
And If You Don't Be-lieve Me
Then Leave Me Be!
I Am Not Human
I Am Just An Illusion
Organize Confusion
Amusin! (haha)
I Am Not Losin
I Am One Of The Choosen
School Of The Hard Knocks
I Am Just A Student
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