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Lil Wayne Lyrics

Freestyle Lyrics
Aye oh
Oh oh
Check it
Check it
Check itor
Follow me
Homie I speak for da streets
Scream for da ghetto
And holla for my folk
Die for my squad
Kill for my dough
My attitude is f*ck bitches, f*ck haters, f*ck cops
My real father is a hoe
My attitude is f*ck pops
I'm livin it up in a nice hard body truck
Truck drops and I'm a yung nigga
Ion even kno how to do da bus stop
But I got my money rite
When I hit tha club, make it a sunny night
See da fake flosers bum ballas
It's a funny sight
Watchin dudes run 4 dese hoes in dey chevy rite
Pull up next to 'em in a 500 bumpin betty wright
Keep my shyt spaghetti tight
Playboy, put da hood on dat
We buy sportscars and put da f*ckin hood on dat
My bank got to high to sit on so I stood on dat
Any place u get capped cause I could on dat
Moet me I'm good on dat
Ya bitch lookin at me I should bone it
Y'all niggas kno where da f*ckin dawn at

Weezy Wee holla at me
Weezy Wee holla at me
Weezy Wee
Check it
Check it
Check it

Dats where I represent till I die
Muthaf*cka bust one in eye
Flip pies
I used to do dat shit in like '95
But I'm a switch it up to '99
2000, 2001
I ride cars dats 2000 and fun
U kno da muthafukin whip be cruisin
On shit 22s and hoes be loosin dey mind
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