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Dedicate Info:

• "Dedicate" is a song from "tha Carter V", the 12th studio album by American rapper Lil Wayne. Originally planned to be released in 2014, Tha Carter V experienced several delays as a result of contractual disputes between Lil Wayne and Cash Money Records, as well as his numerous personal disputes with label-head, Birdman. Following a lengthy legal battle, Lil Wayne was confirmed to have been released from his contract with Cash Money in June 2018 and announced the release of the album in September. The album debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 with the second-largest streaming week for an album.

• "Dedicate" contains a sample from a 2009 speech by Barack Obama, and "Dedication" written by Tauheed Epps, Joshua Luellen and Michael Dean, performed by 2 Chainz.

•The said "It’s a measure of water under the bridge that Dedicate – a confident vamp – samples ex-president Obama holding Lil Wayne up as an overachiever.

• On Oct. 2, 2018, Lil Wayne took the stage on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. said "Weezy F. Baby reminded fans of his rap game dominance by performing "Dedicate," a Carter V standout that contextualizes Weezy's status as a certified living rap legend."

From the Album:
Tha Carter V

September 28, 2018

Hip Hop


D. Carter, Manny Galvez, Corbin Roe, Willber Vincent, Adolfo Ramirez, Michael Dean, Tauheed Epps, Joshua Luellen

Galvez, Roc & Mayne, Louie Haze

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