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David Banner Lyrics
Chrome on the monster leather intestines
With' a top model and a contestines
I'm a Rottweiler yes I'm a rock 'n' roller
It's Weezy F*ckin' Baby yeah straight up out 'da foller

Chrome on the monster leather intestines
With a top model and a contestines
I'm a Rottweiler yes I'm a rock 'n' roller
It's Weezy F*ckin' Baby yeah straight up out da stroller

[Verse 1:]
I'm higher than the solar system of the twizzle
I'm like Macaulay Culkin I was rich when I was pissin'
On myself I'm ballin' you niggaz haterholics
I'm jus' the recipe so you can save the garlic
I'm like a set of keys I'm 'bout to get it started
I smoke 'dem Beverly Hills from California
'Dem bitches after me so I put that paddle on 'em
She rode my dick and said she shoulda put a saddle on 'em
I watch out for 'dem snakes listen for that rattle homie
And I ain't got a clique I got a cattle homie
Wud up five bickin' back jus' bein' bool
I'm talkin' foreign money like a European dude
Yeah I'm heavy man so you should reconsider
I hit you one time f*ck up yo equilibrium
I got rhythm yeah I got soul ya
I travel all around the world like a postcard
My flow cold f*ck around and get a cold sore
I got this bitch on lock like a closed door
Weezie's real 'dem otha' niggaz folklore
I'm connected I got more hoods than a coat store
I'm successful I got more shit than you can hope for
And I got thru 'dat water like a boat ore
Young Carter the name
Baby boy risin' like hot water and 'caine

Whip it stretch it and flip it
Reup stretch it and flip it [x3]

[Verse 2:]
Reup, we up in the club we up in the club
Money runnin' like water bitch get up in the tub
I'm up in the club she up in the club he up in the club
Now she can't leave so we f*ckin the club
Am I lucky or what Playboy Rabbit
And I like big tongue like skateboard fashion
I got more gurls than the Playboy Mansion
I bet I serve 'em up like my name Pete Samprace
And a nigga drink like the late Fred Sandford
And a nigga smoke like there is no cancer
And I know this world is so cold and decievin'
But I keep my head up like my nose is bleedin'
Yeah, and until that chosen evenin'
I'm a be screamin Apple and Eagle
Yeah that's rite Apple and Eagle
Hollygrove 17 I won't leave you
Nope, and this is just the preview
But I'm already workin on the sequel
F*ck with' me wrong I'll f*ck with' yo home
Like a letter to the wife sayin' ya husband is gone
Like Muslim I'm calm but like Muslim I'll bomb
And beat the track up like a hundred arms
I'm funky like underarms
The engineers recordin a thunderstorm
My hunger forms then ring the alarms
The Carter 2 was nice but the third times a charm

Weezy F*ckin'
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