Brand New Money Lyrics by Lil Wayne

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Brand New Money Lyrics
Brand new money, Brand new boston
You act brand new, And get a brand new coffin
Little bro, I gotcha, hold ya weight and I'm a spot cha
All I you need is the combination to the locker
I'm the hip hop rocker
I'm the hip hop doctor
I'm in tip top shape
And my flip flops gucci, drinkin sake eatin sushi with a bunch of bad groupies
I swear I'm a walkin movie, u ain't even gotta cue me
And baby I'm the shit, you ain't even gotta do me
Cause ain no one gon do, me better than I'm a do me, so so I'm a do me
My watch say time do me, you don't kick it like a kick it bitch I kick it, I'm kinda bruce lee
I'm a shooter behind the shootin, I'm the looter behind the lootin
And I got so much swagger I swear swagger tryna sue me
Your girlfriend tryna knew me, I mean she tryna to get to no me
She said that she can do all I kinds of crazy shit to know me
Ok lil twist I'm kobe but I'm shootin like ginobli
No one after nor before me I go to earth wen mars is boring
Wat am I worth you can't afford me but your baby moms adore me
She wanna read my tattoos like a muthafukin story
That's another fukin story but I'm a get to that later
You don't know what your in for and call me mr data
Or you can call me it's the greatest or for short just the greatest
I swear I walk right on the lot and bought the longest mercedez
It's weezy baby hoe turn up your radio
I'm in the penthouse fukin on the padio
She call me daddy yo she don't wear panny hoes
And wen I'm done watch I do magic make her vanish yo
But she was spanish though and I like the spanish hoes
Yea two of them and one of me is a weezy sandwich hoe I be like damn them hoes
I am an animal I am the chief of the tribe like a Seminole
Crazy lke anne nicole but I'm expandin though
Man I swear I don't need securtiy I need fan patrol
And I am young mula and so is twisty baby
And don't you ever forget that and don't forget the baby
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