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A Millie Sold Remix Lyrics
Remix Baby... Yup, I'm back, as a matta fact, I ain't go nowhere
This right here is the free mix... digg,
This for errbody, this for ya'll, no charge, just because... na mean?
Let's Go.
Ok, A millie sold first day I went gold how do I celebrate work on the carter 4
Yup, I ain't here to brag nor boast, this is simply an attempt to thank you the most
You the fan, you the man, and to my female audience I hope you use sanitizer cause I'm kissin all ya hands
All my plans is well executed
This that electric music, you can get electrocuted
You know I extra do it, they say I'm the best to do
I say I'm better than who next to do it or whoever do it
They could never do it like me, I C O N, or you could call me MR. I GO IN
Boy you don't know nutthin bout me I am hip hop's proof
While they was hangin around I got that SlipKnot loose
I am Notorious, I'm 2pac in Juice
I'm the dude from off Reading Rainbow but in Roots,
No fruit, no sweet
Which emcee next ya'll new rappers like subway and I eat fresh
Blessed such a M-E-S-S that you can't clean
I'm dirty like feinds yes
I'm king, I do it like I've seen, or been here before or between
Your hoe or your queen
You know wadda mean, yea you know water dry
And you know carter tri, can you picture carter five?
Now put ya eyes and camera no recorder on live
And yup I rep that beehive, red flag on my levis
I hallo to the east side, I been a bee since I was knee high
But now I'm grown since I'm tree high
As a matta fact I'm in the sky, as a matta fact I'm in the ride of every black and the white human being
Can't forget about the Europeans, n the Asians, n the Haitians, the Jamaicans, the whole nation, if I forgot ya I don't hate ya that's just my human nature YEEEE DIGG!
I'm fire like a cig, break ya off like a twig, swear I'm iron like grid
Flow dyin, not sick
I am triumph, I'm big
Ask ya girl she agree, she been on me since they been callin me lil weezy wee
But now it's Weezy F. Baby don't forget the F Baby
Yea you know I was gon say it, yea you know you wan say it
I'm the greatest, I'm always better than my latest but back to yo girlfriend I got her wetter than a bathing suit, shoot to kill never to hurt, Weezy tippin yay the definition of hard work
Even the homie Jay said that this is well deserved
He said I'm doin my thang, I said well shit you did it first, Thank You
Men lie, women lie, numbers don't
So I moved outta my condo and into the bank vault
Record sales... Bank Teller say hahah...
Shout out to every DJ, bootleggers, I made history anyway
In the way, they said I couldn't
Shout out to Young Money cause without them I couldn't
Shout out to Cash Money cause without them I coudln't
Shout out to Universal cause without them I couldn't
Shout out to my friends cause without them I couldn't
Shout out to my daughter cause without her I wouldn't
Mad rappers look on the bright side
I sold 1.5 Hip Hop is alive
Hahahh thank you everybody
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