Promise Me Lyrics by Lil Suzy

Lil Suzy Lyrics

Promise Me Lyrics
All of my life you see
That I waited for this day
All this time I've been
Searching cause I never knew
You could make me feel this way

So much love
You captured my heart and my soul
And baby I'm losing control
I don't ever want to let go of what you give me

Promise you'll never leave me
Promise you'll always stay
Promise you'll never runaway from my love
Promise me, Promise me

If you could guarantee
That what you say is true
everyday of my life
I'll be there through the night
And I'll give myself to you

So much love
I cherish the moments we share
The feelings that won't disappear
The magic you bring when you're near
Don't take that from me


Promise me, Promise

Chorus (2X)

you'll never leave me, baby promise me
you'll always stay, that you'll stay with me
you'll never runaway from my love
Promise me, you'll never leave me
Say you'll never leave, you'll always stay
Won't you tell me that you'll never runaway from my love

Promise me
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