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Lil' Kim Lyrics

Supersexual Lyrics

Intro-Can ya,
can ya,
can ya,
come on ,
that's right
yeah yeah,
can ya,
can ya,
come on ,
can ya,
check me out,
uh,uh ,
come on
Verse 1
There's something in the way you move, everybody wants you
To me you are, my shining star, baby what do i do?
To make you see your the one for me,baby won't you realise
Girl we could be doing it doing it doing it doing it all night long
Making it making it making it making sweet love
Its the way you move your body ,supersexually, you are the one for me
So baby move your body, a little closer to me, so everybody can see
There's no doubt that your what i want,everything that i need(no doubt)
Cos you do me supersexually
Verse 2
Come over here so what's your name,everybody watching
I'll buy the drinks i'll play the game ,but only if it's worth it
I bet you've heard it all before, but baby i aint telling lies



To me girls like you don't come ev'ry day
I'd like to have some fun baby what do say?(ooohh)

Chorus x2

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