The Gumption Lyrics by Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky Lyrics

The Gumption Lyrics
I ain't seen a guy get the clout that quick
Erry maf*cka say he great right now, we could doubt that shit
Au revoire
Yung dick talkin bout all of y'all
Young tits looking like mardi gras I might sharpie ya'll
I'm tryn party dog, I'm like ughh
I'm just tryn f*ck
Erry maf*cka in the way been f*cked
Erry maf*cka in the game been butt
Burd running circles, y'all been duck
Iont gotta chill who the f*ck been y'all
Fam getting killed on some chris benoit
Iont got a deal but the meal quinoa and I got it for a steal cuz the bill been comped
The server know L, like he so suburban and shit
He just been murdering shit like he take it too personal shit
Word is the shit that be purple up in that kid history is slightly perverted and shit
Word is there's 32 bitches who last name is tinder up in that kid phone
His profile been strong
I can't compete with these pictures like why is he on?
Suck dick maf*cka
Suck dick maf*cka Im just tryna get the hoes on the down low
Iont even got friends in this town, I just moved to LA so I date cuz I'm outgoing
Kinda lonely too
Ex girl got another homie too, I'm not mad, just kinda sad
But it help that these hoes like rap

It's about damn time that the boy LD bout to get up in the fun shit
Im the goddamn man like damn erry time a maf*cka hit the function
Now the man wit a tan got a plan and I dare a maf*cka make assumptions
I dont care I ain't there, I'll be damned if im bout to go and let up on the gumption

They ain't really ready
I ain't even hard
But I stay wit da semi
Bitches in the car, you could say I got a bevy
Shit pretty par, dicky do it on the the reggy
Lotta yall ain't probly never heard of on the reggy
Das a lil something lil dicky just invented
Now the white kids gonna say it on the reggy
You could say I pull the strings when it's cool, lil penny
I just hit the double digits f*cking bitches
Out in Venice hearing maf*ckas bumpin dicky
They treat a youngin like I'm Caesar with the ass kissing
That line about a f*cking salad if you ain't get it

But I ain't tryn get tossed, rap been lost
Like the map been off
They blowing smoke like the back exhaust
Fact you soft like an overcooked linguine noodle

You bitch made I ain't f*ckin witchu lil poodles
Ma vocab the bomb
I'm the don with the lexicon
Cats pajamas
Eastside reppin
Westside stepping
You know im the man goddamn it
I just got a handjob damn it
Like from a masseuse
She was tryn f*ck, I ain't let her pursue
I ain't got 160 bucks
Plus I mentally connect with the hoes I f*ck
And this was a whore
I mean a literal whore
Not like massages in porn
This was an overweight asian
With no aspirations
We never developed rapport

Eatin boar's head in my other whore's bed
Well not a whore, but you know she ain't a girlfriend
We still about to get it crackin paul george leg
I got a napkin if I cum within the foreplay

It's about damn time that the boy LD bout to get up in the fun shit
Im the goddamn man like damn erry time a maf*cka hit the function
Now the man wit a tan got a plan and I dare a maf*cka make assumptions
I dont care I ain't there, I'll be damned if I'm bout to go and let up on the gumption

Iono the definition, f*ck is average
I been sittin, watching waiting, so impatient like it's baggage
Claim I'm bout to be the greatest, naked pictures in my chat
These other rappers f*cking lazy word to bangin in a hammock
But y'all ain't even hangin
Y'all ain't in the running
Boy I'm f*cking up the track, like da young'n into running
Y'all are lighter with the fire, I want a match
He be like naw I'm bout it, bro how you get at that
Like these bitches tryn rap
They on't get they time wrappin
I'm coming
Like I'm f*cking
They underwood and to be frank I ain't fronting
Word to Kevin Kevin spacey I'm another level
Debatably crazier, than shit they play beside the porn that you playing
At a matinee eatin dip n dots
I'm getting checks, f*ck I care that my twitter not

Okay I care a little bit
Algorithm isn't doin it's job
I'm assuming it's flawed
They probably not believing in Hobbes
The nice boy been ballin
White boy been a damn king scott pollard
Gotta tell my mom stop callin
But dog she confused about ma destiny
Making me repeat myself like I was judging spelling bees but
I'm just tryna smoke weed, grab a quesarito
Got azul by a Spanish chick. Muy bonito
Or bonita
Das ma vida

Keep the rapping tight both ways
Where my rita
And when it's y'all it's a nice sound, when it's me, it be like errbody pipe down
Y'all the background
Play ya part ho
Chex mix grubbin up at wells fargo
Had to make a new account, didn't want the checks mixed
Y'all are tryna fit in I'm the one who playin tetris
This is the beginning of my day, it's only breakfast

Y'all the mini bars
Y'all got mini bars

Ma girl ass thick, that's my minotaur
You hear it fading but you crave another minute hard
That's the difference when you david to these bigger stars
But you know goliath getting rocked he gone finish scarred
I'm bout to break erry record....white girls fall, Eric Decker
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