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The Basement Lyrics
Wasup ya'll? let me preface this by saying this is not a Mac Miller diss by any means
I actually like mac miller butt, but right now he probably is the most popular rapper excluding Eminem
And I'm just not even close so you can understand why I would rap over one of his beats
I got a little bit of Kobe in me and if Kobe saw Lebron he would wanna rap over one of his beats
Metaphorically speaking, I know he ain't Lebron, butt, but you get what the f*ck I'm saying
Maybe he's more of a Jo Johnson type of shit, no disrespect

F*ck... this undergrad bitch tryn f*ck
And her chest deserves an A, like she handle da puck
She know D been bumpin Drake like ya man a Canuk
Homie even if it's May in LA... I'm so f*ckin cold

Roll good on that Westside
Hoes cook like they country thick
So hood up in Best Buy
Controller, D punkin kids

Loading up the used dishes
Rollin up with two bitches
Hope they old enough
To get folded up, I'm not bold enough to do prison

I been drinkin sippin something so horrific, ya dig it
Because I tipped the bartender extra, then he put extra liquor
In dat shit. Goddamn. Das a misinterpretation
Hate it when they stiff. Overtipping cause I'm caking

Take in errything a maf*cka say
Been about rap, figured out that from the basement
I ain't talkin bout rap city on black entertainment
Talkin bout the place I was raised in
Plate full uh bacon
Making a bagel and bake on occasion

Back then woulda made rap for grades
Now a maf*cka make rap for pay
And them bitches too
Chickens that I'm bangin so appealing
They been Shagging on ma balls, like they practicing they fielding and

I Sorta make em pop off
Make em take they socks off
Round the f*ckin bases then get pounded like a walk off

Aw naw...
This a f*cking statement I'm making
They been hesitating to give lil David space at the table
Cause they label a capable able jew gay and too playful
Watching cable naked, the AC blowin major like slater's dad

Why you hater's mad?
Maybe I should get a couple tats
Maybe I should get in trouble and be dumbin down the rap

Look at Mac
White as f*ck but lookin thugger than a trap spot
Need another mac 'stead of luggin round this laptop

From the muthaf*ckin rap blogs
Cause I rap odd, never talkin bout a f*ckin black card
Ion't gotta play da black card, cause I rap hard
Ion't think it mean I gotta act hard

F*ck it tho
Despite dat LD straight f*cking hoes
Ma chickens stay hot, no buffalo
Ma hand been up in her bod, no muppet ho

Whatcha know bout a maf*ckin kid up with a job
Coulda fit in with the mob, had a kid and a garage
But I didn't now I'm spittin like a mothaf*ckin slob
Doin shit up in garageband, better than the gods of the game do

Ya'll better know ma name soon
I ain't no clown, when you laughin out loud
Don't forget you getting down to a great tune

Make room
I'm coming for you muthaf*ckin rappers spittin dogshit
Yeah I'm f*ckin funny, but this muthaf*ckin dog spit
Aw shit... I could write a TV show tomorrow
But before I get dat Emmy I'm a make you bitches sorry that I'm gone

[Outro - Lil Dicky:]
Yeah, and once again no disrespect to Mac, Mac I actually follow you on Vine, I'm f*cking with you, it looks like your having a pretty ridiculous amount of fun,
Sometimes your at a pool, sometimes your smoking weed and rapping
Would love to be a part of it, if vine is any indicator your life is awesome
Okay I got to go to work, cya
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