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The '90s Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Man I wish I was a kid
Thinking bout the third grade
Back in '96 in my Michael Jordan jersey
French fries curly, cool with it, raising Tamagachis
Dick 3 and a half, the same as a floppy
Nerf guns loaded and we shootin at y'all motherf*ckers
We ain't getting hoes, but we getting soda
And we was f*cking with the swag of The Fresh Prince
Ain't nothing like when you had mad tokens left
In that arcade balling
Watching tickets falling
Pegging stupid bitches in the motherf*cking ball pit
Landline calling
Chilling at the mall
And if this the type of shit that you recall well then

Let me hear you shout
If you grew up in the 90's
Then you know what I'm about
Don't you wish we could rewind it
I wish we could, man I really miss it
Cause we having fun all day
Slept all night
Best ten years of our whole damn lives
Blowing on a cartridge, a lot of f*cking farting
I would give it all up, if I could restart it

[Verse 2:]
Sitting on the school bus
Flipping through some Goosebumps
A minute 'til I'm shitting out the school lunch
Wanna know what cool was?
Starter jackets, Jock jams, and Pop Rocks
Sega in my room, baby boom shaka laka
Lot of slammers in my pocket, flippin them pogs
And I knew every modem noise in ma aol login
On that Oregon Trail
With Keenan & Kell
I was jerkin off daily, TRL
But that Saved by the Bell
Was on some f*ckin hot shit
OJ to jail, oh wait that glove did not fit
Short shorts Stockton
Beanie Baby profits
And NBA on NBC if you remember watching


[Verse 3:]
Remember getting greeted with Scholastic mags
I hated it reading but it made me need that shit so bad
And we was spinning that bottle, de-prude hoes
Winning full throttle, Nintendo
Switch the flow up, getting donuts
Fruit roll ups, wishing we could be a grown up
Being so dumb, f*cking with the kid, call me Lil Dicky Griffey
And my koosh balls big, man I think I had 50
Love those mentos ads
There were ten boy bands
I had ten ring pops on my hands
Plus I love that Nick at Nite nighttime
Kicks had lights
Shine brighter than some tights when they was tag team fighting
Shout out to Topanga
F*ck you know about Jenga?
Best head ever from a Pez dispenser


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