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New Rap Lyrics
Sup y'all
It's your boy, L-D
A.K.A. Slim Boner
This does not have shit to do with Sports Center,
But I want to dedicate this to all the Sports Center anchors out there making our nights easier

[Verse 1:]
Ay, what's really really good with it
Dicky rollin swishers, switch da role up, now the jew killin shit

Excuse me, ma attitude be, a little crude
For da few people, tryna boo, and screw and shoo me

Ma crew be sayin that I'm focused for real
And soon dude'll play dem women like he coachin brazil, I'm ill

Score with bitches bro... yain't get that punchline?
Love dimes, drum line, cherry coke and lunch time

Damn, how you spittin so ridiculous with it,
Da kid been killin
All his writtens meticulously,
Cause dicky getting sick
Of these bitches spittin chicken shit, literally
Listen to little b, piss on the industry, shit isn't pretty

But LD, whaddup, ya boy been spittin hot
Weird, but it's cool like boy when he kiss his pop

I'm here, makin noise, better get a mop
Cause I'm bout to shit all up on hip-hop

So if you want it with me
You know I'm clubbin with a chubby
Prolly tuckin ma D

Cause I been really good livin
Philly D ma hood chillin
If you really good feelin
Holla back at dude killin em

L-I-L dicky flowin it up
Westside, getting high, yea we blowin it uppp now
So if you really getting sick. of this new crap...
Then listen up, cause Dicky been spittin new rap

[Verse 2:]
Das dat good shit
Read about that shit
I'm tweeting bout that shit
I'm making a believer outcho bitch

I'm freakin out dis bitch,
I'm skeeting where you eatin' outcho bitch
I cheef a mound piff, and now I'm really freakin out this bitch bro.

I'm the biggest pussy rappin all day
I'm a represent it lovin me some rent on broadway

Call it gay, but f*ck it, it's really lovely
To come up in really comfy pajamas
With a mama and knowledge of commas and college

But all these other rappers think thuggin is cool
These maf*ckas so redundant with the drugs in the jewels

But I ain't buggin... ma stomach getting sun by the pool
I'm with a mexicano jawn straight getting azul

Foreal tho
Real flowin, jabronis is still frontin with it
Real open spittin, ma dick is a mere couple inches

Meals made of truffle,
Ma kitchen is real troublesome
I'm real good at hugging, and snugglin,
Somewhat at f*ckin and

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