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I'm Right Lyrics
Wassup y'all?
I realized I never kinda just like full on swagged on cats
You know what I mean? And I was thinking about that
And like, damn D, why the f*ck not? You know I mean?
Your swag is a, is a real thing, I think
And I've been looking at other rappers swag
And being intimidated by it, but like why?
I'm an impressive young man

[Verse 1:]
I guess I could tell you I'm blowing up big
And I'm 'bout to get money
Although I ain't joking, America also agree that I'm funny
The rapping, you like it
Oh, this is some shit I picked up in my twenties
I'm really a writer, you knew it, it's stupid
I got an eight hundred, come f*ck with that
Lil ho, come f*ck with that
Honestly I could have had whatever f*cking job
I wanted in the country
But I f*ck with rap, real shit, bro, I f*ck with rap
And I don't mean it, like I f*ck with that
I mean it like I run amuck in that
I talk about somebody cock and I buzz off that
Know I'm saying? I'm the man right now
Act like ya man playing right now
Act like I ain't get hundred granding in from the fans right now
Act like I ain't planned that out
Act like I'm not about to get them bitches from the mag
Picture that right, cauce I rap nice, I'm attractive to that type
Living that life and I'm naturally that likeable
That right dimple, not like the left, but it's barely worse
Bitches playing marry, f*ck, kill, inevitably become Mz. Burd
Go head and f*ck them, I'm real and my jumper is ill
Y'all got swag, but I got reservations
Ya just boys and I'm the voice of my generation
Like I really belive that, like I think I'd get us

Run it back, homie talking shit, pipe down
I don't care 'bout history, I'm the shit right now
You can tell me that I'm brash, but it's hardly a fight
I've been tryna tell you hoes, I ain't cocky, I'm right
Swagga on a hundred milligram, I can play the villain, fam
Put your boy in any room, I swear to God he still the man
Lil homie, I am Obama
You the man among some bitches, bunch of lying Juwannas
Flex, run it back, homie talking shit pipe down
I don't care 'bout history, I'm the shit right now
You can tell me that I'm brash, but it's hardly a fight
I've been tryna tell you hoes, I ain't cocky, I'm right
I ain't cocky I'm right, I ain't cocky I'm right
Everything I say I do and I ain't stopping tonight
Swagga, swagga, swagga, swagaa

That's really fun to say like that, y'all should try it
If you ever get some free time, or on my level

[Verse 2:]
I never done acting, but somehow, I still get auditions for movies
The last one I went after Bob Odenkirk
And that's Saul if you clueless
The way they react to my rapping
It show me, it's bigger than music
At shows they be laughing, then dancing
They never seen anyone do this
Come f*ck with that
Lil ho, come f*ck with that
Was in the number one department in the country
I was one up in my class, coulda run with that
Biz week, coulda run with that, then Lil D had a run with ads
Lil D wrote couple for the League, got them on TV
Then was done with that, y'all high I'm matterhorn
And no offense I matter more
The Rec League, like Steve, LD winning back to back
With scattered blacks, then smack y'all in scattegories
You in a trash, like category, I'm getting ass no statutory
You seeing red I'm matadoring
Ya rap is boring and wack deplorable
Lack the morals that make mine allegorical
I'm the motherf*cking man of my time right now
Got ya whole team looking at the man, like damn
That's LeBron, that's Durant, that's Assange
That's your aunt, on my cock, say I can't
Even parents f*cking with me
Bro, I'm so comfy with myself, but here snuggle with me
Like please, come here and snuggle
See what the f*ck happen to you, you gon' like it, I'm real warm
I shift my weight, so your legs won't fall asleep


I didn't even mention how nice I was at tennis neither
So, don't forget about that
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