Ham Lyrics by Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky Lyrics

Ham Lyrics
[Intro: Lil Dicky]
Whoa... so hard
Jews is never supposed to go ham, but f*ck it

[Verse 1: Lil Dicky]
Okay dat boy D I C K Y ballin
I been spitting hella writtens cause I'm fittna get ma wallet good
Bitches know I holla good
Graduated college with a bag of f*cking honors but instead of making dollars
I been acting like a kiddd
Rapping bout ma f*cking dickkk
And what started as a joke became the hottest f*cking shit
Killin bitches Michael Vickin women, you know what dis is
Semi colons in ma texts ma instant message game is sick ho
F*ck that shit, when I rub that bitch
When I be up in the club I gotta tuck that dick
When I bring a chicken back, and then I f*ck that bitch
I'm a cum quick, I ain't playin witcha
Ay you kno, I'm spittin crack up on the track,
I'm not attacking all you blacks
Who try to rap, but I'm just sayin that

[Hook: Lil Dicky]
I'm coming for these muthaf*ckin brothas makin money
Errybody love the funny little buddy makin jams now
Ladies get dem pants down
Sorry to my God and my synoguge and my mom because this kike is goin ham now

[Verse 2: Lil Dicky]
I ain't on that kosher shit
Facebook I be poking chicks
Came up in the 90's yeah I'm on some hocus pocus shit
Ion't push a lotus, I'm drivin a f*ckin focus
But notice that I got the coldest and dopest designer sodas
I'm an izze sippin, biddie kissin muthaf*ckin G
The way cum on chickens, call lil dicky mozzarella cheese
I'm getting pussy, getting bread, I get a lot of f*cking yeast
And I been dustin diamonds off they bout to call lil dicky screech whoa
Tampon shit
Cause I rap for da flow
And I get a lotta bitches when I mac like a pro
Gotta mac, it's a pro
Never nap, but I doze
I'm a little bit of black, like I shat in the snow
And I know ya'll bitches feelin that
Ain't as nobody real as that I'm
Rapping like Jamaica's population I been killin trackssss


[Verse 3: Lil Dicky]
See dem bitches over there?
Please don't f*cking over stare
Das who I be stroking, young and smoking like they over DARE
Okay I was joking, I don't know dem I should grow a pair
But I am not the most efficient closer when I'm sober scared
So I'm drinkin, f*ck you thinkin
Middle day das word to lincoln
Ma left foot is always stinkin
I ball good so I ain't blinkin
Maybe whatcha know about a muthaf*ckin dog
F*ckin cats up the ass metaphorically... pause.

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