Free Bread At The Outback Lyrics by Lil Dicky

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Free Bread At The Outback Lyrics
LD, A.K.A. the urologist, this my year, show them D

[Verse 1:]
Okay, I'm 'bout to do it all
I don't think I'm stopping, 'til it's mountains of my balls
Y'all like, oh dear, like I'm mounted on the wall
But the way I'm 'bout it, 'bout it my accountant getting mauled
His wife 'bout to leave his ass
He been working all night, while she give him baths
Actually, I'm pretty light, like, within his tasks
He got bigger clients, but I'm nice, so just let me bask
These white bitches let me smash
I get scared though, no bravado
Third base for the O's, like Machado
Miss, I ordered this with Avocados, thanks
Ey, walk up in this bitch, like I was born bread
Going deeper with this spitting, like some porn head
Picture every rapper laying on the floor dead
While I'm in a chair, cross legged, eating corn bread
I just f*cked a black chick, yeah, I'm proud
If that's racist, suck a black dick
I'm the one who going straight to the top
Don't mistake it, it's not that flagrant when you blatantly flop
And plus I stay down, like my date gown in this bitch
I'm about to hit the playground, straight clown, all these kids
I'm watching ladybugs with your lady, I got it made like that
Cleaning house like a maid might rap
I don't play with you lame type cats
Say the same shit for days, motherf*cker, if you cold I got flames
You're the ice caps
I bet money y'all don't even know about the ice caps
I don't know that much either

Push the button, lean the couch back, everybody chill
Time to feel better than the free bread at the outback
This so good, chill, put your phone back
Feeling better than the free bread at the outback
Eat that shit, like we supposed to do
Take a rib, get it in, while it's toasted, too
They be like chill, Dicky, chill, I want another
They be like chill, Dicky, chill
You see the butter on that motherf*cker?

[Verse 2:]
'Bout time someone bringing back that east coast
I got that shit that make a Rabbi be like preach, bro
Cory turned Marshawn, now it's beast mode
I don't buy her sushi, but she still be licking me, so
I'm getting pussy, like I'm Tebow, if he a virgin, I'm a cheese scone
Motherf*cker, I ain't no cheese scone, I'm a grown man
I'm just saying that lil David is coming, got Perrier in abundance
I'm with a bitch who pushing fingers down
That's saying she want it
Don't look it's head up on the table, label that seven nothing
I'm faded snacking on Funyuns, while making raps
That's a luncheon
I'm packing a punch and packing lunch and packed in incumbents
Rapping dumber than some tackle football
With no pads to a motherla
That's how you know it's going down
Philly D, so you know I keep that Hoagie around
Philly beef, we don't f*ck with that baloney clown
Y'all made a mess, let me just push that old Zamboni around
That's for hockey if you curious
Treat you like my bitches, only peep between the periods
Treat you like my dishes, only need you when I mentioned
To be eating something viscous, y'all deliciously inferior
Dicky sicker than Nigeria
All types of health issues over there, lot of AIDS


Don't f*ck with me, don't f*ck with me, please, don't f*ck with me
I wouldn't like it at all
I'm about to buy a monkey and just chill with him
Like in three years, buy a monkey and just chill with him
Dressing him well as f*ck, like, throwing overalls on that monkey
Naming him some shit like Greg, like some normal ass name
Like just Greg and, and like, and like really develop a strong
A strong relationship with the monkey
I assume he become one of my better friends
Professional Rapper coming out this fall, I feel bad for the game
I feel the hope sometimes I just feel bad for the game
They ain't ready, woah, I, I just got a f*cking Hinge match
Like throwing that out, y'all, just got a Hinge match, y'all on Hinge?
It's really irresponsible not to be, it's just free pussy
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