DEEZUS Lyrics by Lil Dicky

Lil Dicky Lyrics

[Verse 1 - Lil Dicky:]
Drinkin' up at summer camp
Itchin' on ma underwear
Dicky got a ton a hair
Money talk, rap game Chris Tucker here
Erry' muggle f*ckin with' me
Going nuts, word to chunky Jiffy
Cold cuts up in the Panini
Mo butt than a Puerto Rican, I been tryna freak too
Nowadays Dicky tryna get a little freak to
Nominate Dicky dick for a little free poon
Honestly, probably rather have a little sweet boo to let me spoon
F*ck it I'm conflicted
Now that the kid been spitting dat
All types a women starting to listen and part of Lil Dicky sorta wishing
For a chick I can build with start to finish
But an even bigger part of me is tryna f*ck
All these twitter bitches pictures looking fine as f*ck
Been a girlfriend guy for a while and shucks
This the first time dimes been in line to stuff
But, I ain't doin' em all, or doin' em raw
Da boy ain't new to the ballin'
Viewing it all just like
A straight Jew at the mall with loot in the wallet
The restraint engrained up into the ball
But I ain't blue in the balls tho
Got a lil' boo up in law school
Freckles all up over her nostrils
She doing me proper, lotsa pasta, shots of vodka
Tonsil soccer, pop then it's off to clasa hasta manana
Being weird again
There he go Kanye being weird again
It's okay he allowed cause he legendary
But I don't really know how to treat this segment

[Verse 2 - Lil Dicky:]
Sippin' on an Orangina
Bout' to see a foreign feature
Skittles and a quarter reefer
I snuck em both inside the theater
Used to do a ton of math
Now I'm close to doing none of that
I'm bout to hire someone's dad
And he about to do a ton of math
Add it up, rapping crack, gon' stack it up
Back it up ho, das whassup
Cracker jacks at the bank
Cole Hamels up, drank a cup and I'm kind of buzzed
I'm high as f*ck, but f*ck that
Where them bitches sitting 7th inning finna f*ck at
Used to f*ck with bitches that was timid with the nutsack
Now I'm f*ckin' bitches let me jizz up on they buttcrack
Das a fun fact, I'm
Head of ma class and ready for mine
And like a great red in a glass, I'm better with time
I mean I came letterman jacket, ready to shine
They up designer shit
I'm in footie pajamas bitch
Omelettes, bomb as shit
The rhyming sick
Competish can't conquer dis'
I'm legit, honest chicks is on ma dick
I ain't a God but... you can call me Deezus
Switch to beat up
Ye, I see ya
Bout to make more tortillas
Pork carnitas
Going straight North Korea
Poor Aaliyah
Sorta Lena
Y'all dudes more Madea
Touring, writing, rapping, snoring while I'm napping
Luring these foreign tourists to ma sack and scoring
During performances in the back and
I'm making all of this up because I'm rappin'
Inside a lucky 4 bedroom apartment
That we found on Craigslist and settled in August
You know it was rent control and it was awesome
It came with' a washer
And a dryer
Goodbye y'all
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