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Darwin Lyrics
Man I ain't even into being curt dude
But ma head blowin up like I'm the kurt dude
And my friends getting hung up like a shirt do
Now they ain't the only homies f*ckin with da burd dude

This for all ma homies lookin like a nerd who
Got a tennis serve and never broke a f*cking curfew
I been getting ready for confetti, from the first boo
Game 6, I ain't bout to finish like the spurs do

Now they tryna get ya guy a deal
Cause the flow cash money, got a tyga feel
All these majors coming at me like I'm tiger healed
But ion't think the labels know about ya guy foreal

We sittin down, kickin and riffin, diggin the sound
Different from the shit dat's been spittin from typical clowns
Finna give me money in the bag and
Hunnies from the mag and
All the other shit they tell the dummies that can rap

But the fact of the matter is I ain't the rapper
They used to using, confusing, abusing with da chatter
I mean the dude across the table
Reppin for the label
Probly never met a rapper with a business major

So I am able
To avoid the fatal
Fate that every rapper face in they appraisal

Now I got em thinkin even bartering too
It's probly harder when the f*ckin rapper's smarter than you

I came through
Same dude
Same crew
Same jew

And I tell these muthaf*ckas errything that they ain't knew
Yain't knew? I'm about to get a grammy and leave

Michael Jordan in ma genes since I been 23
Except, I ain't ball playin at all, sayin da bol
Gave all it the game, he played it wrong
Made the songs for the laughs cause
Funny was the path but
Now I really wanna f*ck these dummies in they asses

Tell me I ain't climbing up that rap list
I bet a lot of fans'll listened to this and feel catfished

Damn where da Dicky dat I used to know
The goofy flow
Ma dude where the humor go

Well truth be told, I'll put that in a movie, show, or musical
But now I'm in the studio
And dudes in the booth knew that the jew can flow

And if you listenin to this shit, you should know
I'm too cold in this bitch
To be actin a clown
F*ckin around
If I wanna get ma hands on the crown

I'm getting down, letting the smile, beset to a frown now
The kid up from the burbs bout to settle in downtown

But maybe that's a bad move
Maybe I'm a f*cking pussy if I'm letting people tell me what I can't do
Maybe all these rappers wanna wear the same shoes
Get into the game and never playing cause they can't move

Now I'm thinkin what would Jordan do
Back when everybody only wore a boring shoe
If he settled for what every other scorer used
Then you dudes wouldn't ever get the Jordan 2s

I'm snoring through, ya muthaf*ckin tours and tunes
The game needs change now, it's short a few

And I don't mean to harp about the Jordan dude
But there's a little bit of him in this adoring jew

Of course you, listen to that thinkin I mean I'm great
You mistake, thinkin of rap, and I what I want a play

J wanted baseball
But he nice at playin ball
When he went away, we acting like he went all AWOL

Always got a trade off
I see Jay and Kanye the same way I see Larry David

It's cliché
And I know I'm gonn make it
But I dunno if I prefer as Dicky or as David

I guess it's sorta like the sox and bulls
But I can't leave yet, gotta lot to prove
But I'm a rock ma shoes, watch the toes
And if it hurts, then I'm a find Dr. Scholl's

And... one day, I'm a find satisfaction from rappin
Or acting, or cracking up factions of black kids

Adapting to whatever is in front of me
And like Mike, I'm a be aight because of me

One life, better think of who you wanna be
It's your eyes, doesn't matter what they wanna see

You do it right, you the only one you need to please
You ain't that alive till you doin something you believe

Dis the type of shit that's making D
Think twice bout the maf*ckin comedy
Cause the mic got a maf*cka on his knees

Twerk dicky, dicky dicky twerk
Twerk dicky, dicky dicky twerk
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