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Lil Dicky Lyrics

Beef Lyrics
[Verse 1:]
Cause if you really talkin' shit bruh
I suggest you take a sec and recognize ma shit raw
I been texting pictures atcho sister, be ma in law
You know I been spittin' vicious, whatchu fittin' to get at ma dude
I been killin' bitches, Michael Vick in the booth
The US see me, I be kiffin to you
I gotcho bitch up on ma stick she ride it sick
Like it was quidditch but nude
And I'm the honorary Gryffindor Jew
And I don't care about ya bitch, or ya ya, ya riches or ya wips bro
Even tho you fictional, I'm guessing that you get dough
No you don't exist, but I see through you like a window
Dicky run this shit and you'sa cripple
F*ck it though, you dumber than Waka Flocka
Be sonnin you like a father
D bomber than Osama plot
And smart as Obama
Gotcho lil mama in the sauna all up
In the male locker room
She really good with the D
That's my Serge Ibaka boo, ooh
Das dat dude, spittin hot as Rihanna
You softer than llamas
Do prima donnas faster than ramadan
I'll be honest, getting commas in ma wallet
Is nada, ebonically smarter, the kike
Been flowin nice as the Dalai Lama
Whaddup bruh
I'm goin stupid cause I'm better
This the hottest shit like I was pooping in a sweater
Ain't nobody do you anymore, you a letter
You get it write? That was clever
But look

If you think you on ma level jabroni
Than let me educate you, bet you need a fellowship homie
Lil dicky rippin dat ribbon cause what he spittin' is winning
So if you finna be some chicken for dinner
Then hollaback up at the kid boy
I'm spittin' good up in this bitch ho
So if you wanna get at me, you better get a Mento, ahhh
That's word to ads from the past
Ya ass up in a jam if you come at the man
Then yon't stand a chance

[Verse 2:]
Das retard flow
I been talkin game on campuses I'm Lee Corso
Battle me, he'll be like, "Dude I ran." see Argo
Package all up in this dude caboose... free cargo
F*ck it. I'm really talkin that shit
I'm coming at a muthaf*cka that don't even exist
But if we under the assumption that he
Someone dat spit it redundant to someone incumbent
Then he dumber than bricks ya dig?
Listen to these bitches making hits and
You'll see the horrendousness dat be existing
Every minute some kid is diminishing a single
Written like a semi-retarded kid in kindergarten
Except he harder than me, so poor Lil Dicky is stuck
Watching stupid muthaf*ckers
Make music and caking foolish
While jewish muthaf*ckas rate movies
Okay cupid to do a lil f*ckin
But if it's bout the rap, they on't want it
That's why I tell em look


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