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Lil Dicky Lyrics

Back In Business Lyrics
Yeah f*ck you think you dealin' with
Every time ya hear da the kid you know he bout to kill dis shit
Every rhyme is sicker than an ugly bitches period
You know the Jew is building something I ain't talking pyramids
Them bitches with titties they wanna get up at the kid
They instant messaging Dicky, they wanna get up on his dick
But I ain't ready to hit it, because I'm relatively timid in the bed I admit it
But f*ck that gay shit we should f*ck soon
Baby whatchu wann do
Tell me when to come through
Take you out to ritas then I'll skeet up where dat tongue blue
D could tweet a freak till I'm peekin' up at a cheek and that physique'll
Have me jackin' ma D if I don't agree to meet at her at her f*cking condo
Eat it like a combo
Need it in the mourning or I'm heated like Alonzo
You know that the geek about mack up an actress
Imagining McAdams all on ma mattress
Attackin' ma sack and attractively crackin', ejaccin', we nappin'
The f*ck you think you doin'
I'm rappin' some crack and I'm lackin' the practice cause the Jew
Dat's been smackin' the track up and snappin' has actually been doin'
This shit, renewing the spit, for one year
F*ck it tho
Think you better read about ma f*ckin' flow
I'm smoking weed with clueless bitches cheatin' playin' suck and blow
Eatin' on some buffalo chicken fingers on a boat
Went from being honor roll to spreadin' like he on a roll
Haha... Whoa
Okay now I'm on a roll
Scoring got em screaming commentators speaking on a goal
Tourin' writing TV, getting greedy but I'm honorable
I swear dat Dicky isn't that conceited but I think it's time to
Roll another spliff, and we blowin' that
Salt and vinegar up in the whip, yea I'm holdin' that
Bitches droppin' back up in shotgun like they was Flacco or Rodgers
I'm doin 60 so I tell em to stoppit, I need to concentrate
The hoes know DI, been goin' MIA
I'm in the four door Fiat, with poquilla
Bitches das been showin' me interest
Seen up on Pinterest
Don't know how it happened but Lil Dicky back in business
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